What is A Brush With Kindness?

A Brush With Kindness is a program that helps low income homeowners by offering exterior home improvements.  Volunteer teams work to improve the condition of the homes by painting, landscaping, and minor exterior repairs at minimal costs to homeowners who would be unable to complete home repairs on their own.  Able-bodied homeowners are encouraged to work alongside the volunteers in a cooperative effort.  This program is for homeowners earning 60 percent or less of the median income (see Income Guidelines below).

What Work Do We Do?

A Brush with Kindness focuses primarily on neighborhood beautification through minor exterior maintenance, landscaping and limited exterior painting projects.  Minor exterior repairs are offered at the discretion of Habitat for Humanity Winona-Fillmore Counties.  A minimal program fee is necessary to help defray the cost of materials.

Am I Eligible?

A Brush with Kindness partners with low income homeowners based on need and the scope of the work.

Program Requirements

  • Must own and occupy a home that could benefit from minor exterior improvements in Winona or Fillmore County
  • Must be willing to partner with Habitat.
  • Must be unable to afford necessary home improvements and unable to complete them otherwise due to age, disability, or circumstance.
  • Must meet income guidelines below.

Income Guidelines

Use the chart below to determine if you meet the income guidelines. Your family’s annual gross (before taxes) income must be below the maximum income shown in the chart below.

Family Size Annual Maximum Income (Gross) Monthly Maximum Income (Gross)
1 $39,050 $3,254
2 $44,600 $3,716
3 $50,200 $4,183
4 $55,750 $4,645
5 $60,250 $5,020
6 $64,700 $5,391
7 $69,150 $5,762
8 $73,600 $6,133


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