No prerequisite skills are necessary to volunteer with us! Fill out our Volunteer Interest form to let us know what you'd like to do! 

Current Volunteer Opportunities:

ReStore Donation Pick-up Truck Assistant - Ride along for pick-ups in the ReStore truck, and help keep our store full of amazing stuff!

Donation receiving- Help our amazing donors out by unloading donations in the Drive Thru and informing them where to go when we can't take their items.

Donation processing- Sort, clean, and price new donations so they are ready for the sales floor.

Recycling/Scrapping - Disassemble unusable or broken items, and sort them into recycling or trash.

ReStore Cashier  Provide awesome customer service, and operate our register.

Customer Service - Organize the sales floor, help customers find their treasures, and make a great ReStore environment.

Janitor/Groundskeeper - Clean and tidy the store, wipe up spills, and check the grounds for trash.

Landscaping/Gardening - Mow the lawn, weed, or tend to our flower and vegetable gardens.

Office assistance - Assist in data collection and analysis, send out thank you cards, or help keep us organized!

Special Events/Fundraising - Help us plan, organize, solicit, and promote special events.

Construction/Painting- Be a part of the team on one of our home repair projects or new home construction.

To learn more about our volunteer opportunities, contact our volunteer coordinator at Thank you for supporting Habitat for Humanity!