Foss Family (Winona) - 2015

I was there about every step of the way. I helped with the trusses, shingles and concrete. It was very cool to do every step. Who else builds their own house like this? This was an amazing opportunity. We are so excited to move in and enjoy our new home.
— Sharon Foss

Root Family (Harmony) - 2013

It’s a lot of work but it is an amazing, amazing feeling to know that not only were you chosen but the community supports you and Habitat supports you and I mean you create so many more relationships and it’s just an amazing, amazing, thing.
— Teri Root

Baumann/Horton Family (Utica) - 2013

We feel like we’re not just buying a home, we’re earning it, and that makes it feel so much better. To all of the volunteers, thank you for taking the time out of your everyday lives to help us build our dream!
— Jessica Horton